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Concor® / Concor®Cor

Concor & Concor Cor
Merck Serono’s Concor® family of products are commercialized in more than 90 countries. The active ingredient bisoprolol, a beta1-selective beta-blocker, is a mainstay of cardiovascular care.
The Concor® family of products is approved in the following indications and marketed under a variety of brand names in local markets around the world:
  • First-line treatment of hypertension: Concor®, Concore® Emcor®, Emconcor®, Détensiel®.
  • In combination with a diuretic (bisoprolol + hydrochlorothiazide)
    • For second-line treatment in selected countries: Concor® plus, Emcoretic®, Emconcor® comp. or,
    • For first-line therapy in a low-dose combination (bisoprolol + hydrochlorothiazide):  Lodoz®, Ziak®, Ziac®, Biconcor ®
  • Coronary artery disease: Concor®, Concore®, Emcor®, Emconcor®, Détensiel®

Chronic heart failure (CHF): standard treatment alongside ACE inhibitors, Concor®, Concor® COR, Cardensiel®, Cardicor®, Emconcor® CHF, Emconcor® COR, Concor® IC, Emcor® DECO, Emconcor® minor


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